4 Days of Color Correcting: Day 2: Hiding Acne and Trouble Spots

It’s a blemish, a zit, it’s acne! Oh no…! It’s one of your worst beauty nightmares – that moment when you go google crazy searching out any remedy on getting rid of that stress-inducing hindrance on your face. But we’re here for you (take a deep breath!) and with the help of micro.mini, we’ll get you through this skin dilemma.


Day 2 of our 4 Days of Color Correcting video series is all about diminishing, covering up and making your skin look as if you face-tuned it IRL. With micro.mini’s unique small size, this petite blender gets right into the areas and spots that need maximum coverage.


Makeup Artist Christopher Vanek guides you through a few simple instructions on prepping the skin, using a redness corrector and covering up acne on a model using micro.mini and beautyblender® pure.