4 Days of Color Correcting: Day 3: Magically Make Redness Disappear

If you’re like most people, you suffer from a hint of redness on the face. Or there are those of you that might have indulged in the sun a little too long, too. Whatever the case may be, redness is a very common skin ailment that can be easily resolved with the right tools a lá micro.mini and color correcting makeup.


For Day 3 of our 4 Days of Color Correcting video series, it’s time to take charge and say goodbye to that redness on your face. When using micro.mini properly, you can bounce on color correcting product and foundation in the precise areas for full coverage.


Makeup Artist Christopher Vanek shows you how to cover that ruddiness by using our technique of wet.squeeze.bounce on a model using micro.mini, beautyblender® pure and original.