4 Days of Color Correcting: Day 4: Even Out Uneven Skin Tones and Discoloration

Got freckles and want to cover them up? Or what about those sun spots and hyperpigmentation that constantly stump your beauty concealer knowledge? We love makeup challenges, which is why micro.mini offers up the perfect cosmetic disguise when used properly with color correcting and foundation products.


In the last day of our 4 Days of Color Correcting video series, we show you the best technique in hiding those challenging skin imperfections by using micro.mini. Using this baby blender allows you to pinpoint specific areas on the face with different shades of foundation to offset discoloration on your skin.


Makeup Artist Christopher Vanek gives you the lowdown on prepping the skin, why using two foundation colors are important and how to balance out your skin tone as he demonstrates on a model using micro.mini, beautyblender® pure and original.