5 Top Beauty Tips from Priscilla Ono’s Makeup Course

As you may have witnessed in our past postings, we’ve got a bit of a girl crush on Celebrity Makeup Artist Priscilla Ono who is an incredibly talented artist that we love working with. Our Brand Ambassador Erica Dickerson got the chance to be a fly-on-the-wall this month during one of the Priscilla Ono™ Makeup Courses in downtown Los Angeles where Priscilla demonstrated her makeup techniques on a model. With a small group of ten students, the class learned how to create a smoky eye and nude lip, then recreated the same look on each other. Spotting beautyblenders used left and right, Erica shares her top five beauty tips that she learned from Priscilla’s class.



1. Even with great skin, we naturally have three to four different colors on our face. Usually the darkest part of our face is near the hairline and along the jawline.

2. When perfecting your eyebrows with concealer, leave some of the concealing product under the arch to help blend out your smoky eye later.

3. To create a smoky eye, line half your eyelid with a black eyeliner pencil before applying black shadow to make it appear true-to-color and allow for a longer wear.

This trick can be used to achieve any color of a smoky eye, from blue to purple and brown, just use the same eyeliner pencil color as the shadow you’re using to build up into that smoky, full-colored effect.

4. Applying dark brown shadow under the eye instead of black creates a softer look yet still creates a beautiful, dramatic eye.

5. Use a mauve colored blush or bronzer on the cheek instead of a rosy or red cheek as it takes the focus away from a smoky eye. A more natural face allows the attention to be focused on the eyes.