beautyblender was a hot hit at the 2015 Emmy’s

allisonIt was hot last night at the 2015 Emmy’s in Los Angeles. Really hot! So hot that when Allison Janney walked on stage to accept her Emmy win (she won for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series), her blotterazzi accidentally tagged along with her on stage to which she quickly referred to as a “blotting thing” in her speech. The internet went ablaze wondering what was this awesome, hot pink creation that helps blot up oil and shine on the face – the perfect companion on a hot day like the Emmy’s. From and Refinery29 to international press such as Glamour Germany and Elle Australia, blotterazzi was the beauty talk of tinseltown.

We spied another blotterazzi shining, or mattefying moment actually, when Makeup Artist Andréa Tiller prepped and blotted comedian Amy Schumer right before she went on stage to present an award. Backstage and behind-the-scenes sightings of beautyblender products were found when Makeup Artist Jenn Streicher used the original beautyblender on emmy-nominated Elisabeth Moss as seen in Glamour Magazine and we spotted a couple of beautyblender products in Makeup Artist Robin Siegel’s makeup set-up for emmy-nominated Felicity Huffman as featured in People Magazine. We can pretty much say that beautyblender was the knock-out, award-winning star last night!