Cat Eyes Are Now Easy Peasy With Our New liner.designer

If you’ve ever been incredibly frustrated trying to figure out how to create that perfect cat eye, then we understand your pain! That’s why we’ve created an eyeliner game changer. Introducing our newest and genius eyeliner application tool, liner.designer.


What is it? It’s a triple-edged eyeliner guide that acts as your steady hand. Meaning…you will finally get symmetrically perfect eyes as this slick little soft silicone liner gadget sticks to your face when warmed up between your hands for 10 seconds.  It’s almost as if you have another set of hands working for you and it ensures a mirror-image liner application . liner.designer works perfectly with all eyeliners, pencils, pens, gel creams, liquid and powder.


Check out our easy steps on creating various eyeliner looks and also how well it works as a tool with mascara and even lip liner!spring_2016_newness_5x7_book_012516