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How To Get a Cut Crease Shadow Look Using Liner.Designer Pro

If you’re looking to take your eyeshadow application to the next-level, and we mean the PRO level, then sit back and start taking notes as Pro Makeup Artist Patti Ramsey-Bortoli shows you how to create a gorgeous cut crease look on our model, (and instagram beauty star!) @MakeupByGriselda. Patti is an emmy-award winning makeup artist […]

Erica’s in Full Flush With Our Latest Beautyblender Product

How does Brand Ambassador Erica Dickerson get those gorgeous rosy cheeks? Easy! By using the newest member of the beautyblender® family…beauty.blusher. This medium-sized blender is made from the same exclusive beautyblender® material and comes in a super cool grey color that helps distinguish color undertones. Erica shows us how to apply cream blush on the […]

erica shows you how to color correct using correct.four

Color correcting got you stumped? Then take a deep breath and watch Brand Ambassador Erica Dickerson’s latest tutorial on how to apply color correcting makeup using our fun, new product – correct.four. She breaks it down so you can easily understand why certain colors help disguise those little imperfections on the face while using […]

5 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Beautyblender

We all know that the original beautyblender® is the absolute perfect makeup application tool to use for flawless, perfectly blended skin BUT…did you know that that this famous tool can be a multi-tasker? That’s right! Brand Ambassador Erica Dickerson has come up with five, super fun and clever ways of applying your makeup that you’ve […]

Erica Dares You to Have Fun Next Time You Contour and Highlight

When was the last time you had fun with your makeup? Check out this super fun video of @ericasBBworld being inspired by one of her favorite insta-famous gals Alondra Vazquez, or better known from her IG handle – makeupby_alo. (Ummm, she does have 310k followers, we’re just saying!) Although you may not have time for this type of makeup […]

Cat Eyes Are Now Easy Peasy With Our New liner.designer

If you’ve ever been incredibly frustrated trying to figure out how to create that perfect cat eye, then we understand your pain! That’s why we’ve created an eyeliner game changer. Introducing our newest and genius eyeliner application tool, liner.designer.   What is it? It’s a triple-edged eyeliner guide that acts as your steady hand. Meaning…you […]