guest blogger: Deepica Mutyala

We are very excited about having Deepica Mutaya share some of the unique ways she uses beautyblender. Check out her video below and subscribe to her YouTube channel!

5 questions with YouTube sensation Deepica!

Who was the person that first introduced you to beautyblender®?
I was backstage at NYFW and virtually every makeup artist had this pink sponge thingy on their vanities – after chatting with one and asking what the heck was so special about it, they just responded by giving me one saying I had to try it to understand. The rest is history!

Where has been the most interesting place you’ve taken your beautyblender® to?
Hmmm…I  would say the most interesting place was Croatia when I lived on a boat for a week. I was trying to keep the beauty products minimalistic but efficient. It was the only makeup “brush” I brought with me on the trip – worked like a gem.

The most exciting place has to be the TODAY Show – it was during a segment on my video that went viral. So fun!

Which beautyblender® is your favorite?
Oy! It’s like picking between best friends. My current favorite is the micro because I’m finding so many fun uses for it. Everything from creating a smoky eye, highlighting my face, to applying concealer – the list keeps going! I think my all time favorite is the original. Just too many fond memories with that baby!

What would happen if your beautyblender® fell on the floor on live TV?
I wouldn’t even flinch because I’m pretty sure I carry more than one on me at all times 😉 everyone needs the original and a micro always!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve used your beautyblender® for (aside from makeup)?
True story: I tried using it to soak up wine I spilt on a carpet – I figured it’s “sponge” so it was worth a shot right? Not sure if that qualifies as the funniest or weirdest, but hey, it happened!