guest blogger: iluvsarahii


sarahii2beautyblender is pleased to have @iluvsarahii, as our guest blogger.  She is one of our favorite social influencers.

Who and what inspired you to want to become a makeup artist?
I was inspired by the girls at MAC Cosmetics. I loved going to the counter and seeing all the different makeup looks, how unique the artists dressed and always seeing them play with makeup. Back when I started [doing] makeup, there wasn’t any social media. All we had were magazines and makeup counters [to reference].

Can you recall the first makeup tutorial video you ever did and what look were you doing?
It was a black smoky eye with tons of glitter and lashes. It was a good video at the time (laughs).

Who was the person that first introduced you to beautyblender?
I was introduced by another influencer at a gifting event. She pulled it out of her bag and said “OMG, yes! I needed another one!” I mentioned I had never tried one so she explained it to me, how to use it and how life-changing it was. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Which beautyblender color/product is your favorite?
I’ll forever love the pink beautyblender!!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve used your beautyblender for (aside from makeup)?
I was babysitting my 2 year-old nephew and he was crying on the drive to the store. I had his stuff in the trunk so I had to pull out anything I could from my purse for him to calm down. So, I gave him my beautyblender and that immediately did the trick. He just kept squeezing it.