Interview with Beauty Blogger Angela Lanter

What do you get when you put beautyblender pure and REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot together in the hands of beauty blogger Angela Lanter? An easy and instant way of getting youthful, glowing skin. Angela shows us her favorite way of using pure with REN’s popular product doubling it up as a serum and a primer. And read on to find out how using beautyblender changed her life, what her most embarrassing filming moment was and what’s next up for her.

Can you remember the first time you ever used beautyblender® and how much did it change your life? 
The first time I used a beautyblender, I used it dry and thought it was just another sponge.  When I used it the right way, damp, it was basically game over.  Hands down the best way to apply makeup.

Which beautyblender is your favorite? 
I’m a pink kind of girl.

Who do you follow on instagram and youtube and why? 
I follow people who inspire me.  Whether that be amazing makeup artists or chefs, I want to be continually inspired.

Tell us about your most embarrassing or LOL makeup moment while filming a tutorial. And will you ever release an outtakes compilcation video?  
I was filming in studio for a project and I got really tongue-tied and accidentally said something beyond inappropriate (that I can’t event remember now) on camera with quite a few people watching.

I often put outtakes at the end of my videos, so a compilation definitely makes sense!

What’s next for you?
I’m not really sure, that’s the fun part!  I’m looking to possibly expand the ‘Hello Gorgeous’ team currently and continue creating fresh new content.

Check out her five faves below:
1. Beach or city? Beach.  Always.
2. Stilettos or Sneakers?  I was born wearing heels…
3. Lipstick or lipgloss?  Lipstick.
4. Champagne or Fancy Cocktail?  Can I have a Coke?  🙂
5. Newly released film or binge-watching Netflix all weekend? Netflix!