We Love Our Pros and Here’s How We Prove It…With a Pro Collection Launch!

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the pro collection

We’re so excited to talk about our newest launch, the beautyblender® pro collection, which was inspired by the working makeup artist professional. These makeup artists are some of the beauty heroes that work behind-the-scenes on some of your favorite TV shows and films such as Dancing With The Stars and House of Lies to blockbusters such as The Hunger Games.  This collection includes the patent-pending blotterazzi™ pro, patent-pending liner.designer pro, micro.mini pro and the original makeup artist favorite, beautyblender pro.

the inspiration
“I admire and look up to so many artists within my local 706 [union] and thought what better way to honor these incredible artists than with tools that were inspired by them. Now, anyone can easily achieve this start-to-finish flawless Hollywood look with these tools in this one-of-a-kind beautyblender pro collection,” says Founder Rea Ann Silva.

With over twenty years of industry experience, Founder Rea Ann Silva knew at the beginning of her career that she had always wanted to join the Local 706 makeup union which enabled her to work on TV shows and films in Los Angeles. She understood the struggles of earning her union wings by working a certain amount of hours on shows and films to even be considered and the arduous process of snagging an invite to join the union, which is essential to obtaining the membership. Nothing stopped her plight and as she climbed the ranks and became Makeup Department Head on various shows, she understood the need first-hand for certain beauty tools that were needed in order for her and her team to do their job quickly and perfectly.

the pro collection
You might remember when our pink blotterazzi got a little fame when used onstage at the Emmy’s as actress Allison Janney accepted her award. Now this nifty alternative to blotting papers known as blotterazzi pro, is available in black with a super cool silver compact.  The blotting cushion is washable and 100% reusable and perfect for quick touch-ups when skin is looking a little too shiny or oily. Did you know that it helps re-texturize makeup, mimicking the appearance of natural skin? And this patent-pending, flexible sponge is designed to fit all the contours of the face leaving behind a naturally flawless looking complexion.

We make cat eyes and even the trickiest, next-level liner look simple and achievable. And now liner.designer pro is available in a sleek silver compact and a white, slightly transparent eyeliner tool which makes even the trickiest of liner applications easier to apply. The three unique sides help offer a variety of angles and liner shapes to fit every type of eye shape.

Who doesn’t love our best-selling and award-winning micro-sized beautyblenders?!? And now micro.mini pro is available in pro-favored black which is great as it conceals stains that darker-colored products might leave. It’s made perfectly for smaller areas on the face making concealing, highlighting, contouring and color correction a cinch!

beautyblender® pro is already a favorite of makeup artists and now it’s part of our new pro collection. This pro blender uses the same innovative shape, texture and materials as the famed award-winning original beautyblender that helps you achive that amazing perfectly blended face.

And the best news ever is – our pro collection products are available exclusively now on our website.