We Gave Our Best-Selling Blendercleanser® Solid® A Makeover!

It’s a new year and we decided it was time to give one of our best-selling products a bit of a makeover! Our blendercleanser® solid® is sporting a new, modern look but don’t worry, we didn’t change a thing to our best-selling soap formula. Oh, and there’s even a new addition to this cleansing ensemble that you’ll love! Gone are the days of the custom grid. We’ve now replaced it with a hot pink, gentle cleansing silicone pad, which is a lifesaver in the cleansing process. When your blender is in need of a deeper cleanse, you can lightly bounce your soapy sponge on the pad to help get out stubborn stains or use it to assist in gently washing out dirty makeup brushes. This super soft pad is also great for storing your blender (no runaways!) and letting it air dry.

Using the same soap formula from our original solid, your blenders and makeup brushes will smell heavenly with a hint of lavender. And of course, it’s formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. With a lid that screws on tight, this cleanser is the perfect traveling companion and makes cleaning your blenders on-the-go a cinch.Solid - New 3