liner.designer pro

Never fear a cat eye again!

liner.designer pro liner.designer pro liner.designer pro liner.designer pro
liner.designer proliner.designer pro
liner.designer pro

Never fear a cat eye again!



liner.designer pro by beautyblender® a one of a kind, innovative eyeliner application tool. This 3-sided guide becomes a steady hand, helping you create your own eyeliner style. Part of our pro collection, liner.designer pro was developed to help demystify eyeliner application. With three unique sides, liner.designer pro offers a variety of angles and liner shapes, for every eye shape and liner style. Use this eyeliner tool to achieve symmetry with ease and make applying liner effortless. Warm the flexible, silicone material between your palms, to help liner.designer pro gently adhere to skin. This genius tool is also great for lips and brows or use it as a mess-free shield when applying mascara and eye shadow. The beautyblender shaped, matte silver compact houses a 5x magnifying mirror and suction cup, that helps the compact attach to any clean, smooth surface – now it’s even easier to get perfect eyeliner on the go! What it does: Demystifies eyeliner application and makes it a breeze by providing a straight guide to help steady your hand and achieve symmetry. Helps up your game, giving you the skill to create symmetry and speeds liner application.
  • Attach the compact to a hard surface using the suction cup and place at eye level.
  • Use the mirror with a 5x magnifier for an eagle eye view to better apply your eyeliner.
  • Rub the frosted liner.designer pro in between your hands to warm up the silicone for 10-15 seconds to help it gently adhere to skin.
  • Store in compact for easy use.
  • Easy to clean using blendercleanser®solid®

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Great little tool, need a second one in the compact.
Posted by AmyMirandaMakeup on Jul 31,2016
The idea behind it is great, I bought one despite the high price and have a full youtube video on this product. Only thing I regret not having is a second one of these, as I have to constantly move it from one eye to the other, as I do each eye gradually, one step at a time. The idea of it is great but it would be nice if 2 were included in the container instead of just one. Thank you! amymirandamakeup

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