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Get impeccable, flawless skin


Get impeccable, flawless skin

Flawless all over. A beautyblender® large enough to cover the curves of your body and contoured enough to sit perfectly in the palm of your hand. bodyblender by beautyblender® ensures controlled, even coverage and super-soft, streak-free blending of self-tanning lotions, bronzers and more.  


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"As a makeup artist in Los Angeles, beautyblender has been my go-to tool for a seamless foundation application. It has no equal. I am a huge fan! I am so excited now to have the new bodyblender for an equally gorgeous finish on the body. I use it to apply PRTTY PEAUSHUN for an other-worldly effect on the skin. It’s fabulous to highlight the highpoints on the body like the decolletage, shoulders and down the center of the limbs. I wet the sponge and squeeze it out before applying product and the finish is smooth and even, while keeping my hands clean! I love what a perfect team bodyblender and PRTTY PEAUSHUN make!"
~Bethany Karlyn, Creator, PRTTY PEAUSHUN

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how to use


Just 3 simple steps to makeup perfection!

  • wet beautyblender® with water
  • squeeze out the excess liquid, using a towel if available
  • bounce any complexion product across the face for flawless results.

blender care

cleanse. after each use to help maintain the integrity of the blender's exclusive material. Insider tip: use the lid of your canister as a drying pedestal.

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signs to say goodbye

replace and never miss a bounce! We recommend replacing your beautyblender every 3 months.

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